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What is FIX-IT Strategies? 

FIX-IT Strategies is an approach to building relationships that comprise of effective communication, healthy conflict resolution, and intentional growth towards a mutual vision.

FIX-IT Strategies is available as a workshop or an extended seminar for those who want to equip themselves with the tools they will need to make interpersonal relationships work and work WELL! 


The FIX-IT Strategies Workshop gives an overview of the aspects of self-awareness, communication, and conflict resolution that can help you navigate your relationship through every season. Singles or couples are encouraged to participate in this enriching workshop. Call or email us to schedule a tailored workshop for your young adult group, singles' ministry, or friends who just want to work on personal development and fostering healthy relationships. 


FIX-IT Strategies Seminar is designed for couples preparing for marriage. In this course, we dive deep and walk you through self discovery and discovering your partner. We guide you through creating a unified vision and a plan for marriage and family. You will come out of this course with something that will shift your family for generations. 

Working Out Together

FIX-IT Strategies

Workshops and Seminars

Large Group Workshop

Individualized Seminars

Group Seminars

Book your group of 5 to 500 for a dynamic and interactive workshop on the FIX-IT Strategies.

Register yourself and your partner for a 6-week seminar, customized to address your particular needs as a couple.

Register for an intimate, small group seminar. It is the same curriculum as the individualized sessions but with the enrichment of 3-5 other couples.

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