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Child Support

In Florida, child support is a legal obligation that both parents must financially support their children, even if they are not living together. The goal of child support is to ensure that parents contribute to the financial well-being of their children.

Child support matters are handled by the Florida Department of Revenue's Child Support Program. However, in mediation, parents can work with the mediator to calculate child support based on the state guidelines.

Calculation of Child Support: 

Child support is determined based on the income of both parents, the number of children, and certain expenses such as health insurance, daycare costs, and other extraordinary expenses. The state uses a set of guidelines outlined in the Florida Statutes to calculate the amount of child support.

Child Support Guidelines: 

Florida uses specific guidelines to calculate child support, taking into account the net incomes of both parents. The guidelines provide a presumptive amount, but the court has the discretion to adjust the amount based on certain factors. 

In mediation, the mediator uses software that is up-to-date with current laws, plugs into the necessary data, and the system uses the statutory formula to calculate child support.


Florida has various enforcement mechanisms to ensure that child support orders are followed. These can include wage garnishment, interception of tax refunds, suspension of driver's licenses, and other legal actions.

Income Considerations: 

The income of both parents is a crucial factor in determining child support. This includes wages, bonuses, overtime pay, business income, and other sources of income. The court may also consider imputed income if a parent is voluntarily unemployed or underemployed.

Health Insurance and Medical Expenses: 

The cost of health insurance for the children is factored into the child support calculation. For any uninsured medical expenses, parents are typically required to share these costs based on their respective obligation percentages, equally, or however they agree in mediation. 

Modification of Child Support:

If there is a significant change in circumstances, such as a change in income or the needs of the child, either parent can request a modification of the child support order. The court will review the request and may adjust the child support amount accordingly.

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